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As quoted by top New Zealand casting directors - "A professional headshot is the most important investment you can make."

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Success Stories:

This business can be a funny one, sometimes it can take a few months for any work to appear and in other cases like Nathan Turley it can take an hour. Nathan Turley walked through the doors of Castme, signed up and an hour later he was booked to audition for an ANZ web commercial - one day later he was booked for the job. (Read More)
-Nathan Turley

Unless you began in a test tube, were heavily monitored by scientists, grew inside an artificial womb and were born in a laboratory you most likely have a family. This came in handy for Ali Yildiz who scored the featured role of Maria's Uncle on Sione's Wedding 2. (Read More)
- Ali Yildiz

"I had no experience when I started and 12 months on I've landed featured work in Shortland St, Go Girls and The Almighty Johnsons. I'm very happy with my decision to join CASTMe - great service and great people!"
- Olya Tambovsteva

The Snickers Movember Ad Shoot looks like it was quite fun to be a part of, what was it like? "It was my first modelling job. It was a really great experience and gave me a lot of insight into how it all works. There were about 5 or 6 crew all together and it didn't take too long to get me ready." (Read More)
- Harmond Donker

If you walked past Parry Spick on the street you would just see a guy on his way to a Business Lecture at Massey University. You would never guess he has... slayed Romans, hung with some girls on the go or survived a fierce battle at the base of a mountain. Parry Spick is one of the many people who belong to Castme. This gives him the chance to wear battle armour, fake blood, carry a sword and still be a businessman. (Read More)
- Parry Spick