We are an online Talent Booking Agency and we love booking Talent in to work! We operate nationwide throughout New Zealand.

It is satisfying when keen newbies to the industry register with us and over time gain experience from job bookings and training courses and eventually prove themselves to our clients and start landing high paying roles that require the ability to act and deliver dialogue to camera. 

If you are a newbie trying to break in to the industry but have no idea where to start, or you are a veteran performer looking for specialised representation then Castme can help. We connect Casting Agents and Production Companies with people like yourself. 

We utilise technology to improve our work flow systems with a focus on paper reduction.

Our company overheads are kept to a minimum and we have streamlined our business systems which has allowed us to eliminate high upfront joining fee's and keep other Agency fee's to a minimum. The more we automate our business systems, the lower our fee's will become. We recently reduced our annual administration fee which is deducted from the first paid job or jobs completed by our Talent within a 12 month period by $60 and hope to make further reductions to this fee in the not too distant future.

Our efficient systems allow us to spend more time on the important task's like booking our Talent in to work. 

We offer two levels of representation including Basic / Free Memberships and Pro Memberships. Our priority is to place our Pro Members in to work and our Pro Members are charged less fees from the work they complete. Talent seeking representation can create a profile by Clicking Here.

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We currently provide a lot of Talent to Shortland Street and other active SPP productions on a daily basis.

The latest SPP production to start filming in Auckland is a 
TV Drama Series called Step Dave, this production is set to film from the start of November 2013 and will wrap up in March 2014. The Step Dave production has already pre booked a lot of our Talent and they are gearing up to book a lot more Talent.

We are looking forward to a new WW1 based 6 x 1 hour TV Drama Series to begin. This production is set to start filming late January 2014 and will wrap in April. This TV Series has finished casting for the lead roles but is currently (21.12.2013 to 10.01.2014) going to be casting for Featured Extra and other more involved roles between early to mid January. Featured roles will include male soldiers aged 18yo to 45yo European and Maori, Amputees, Gurkha Soldiers - Nepalese, Thai, Mongolian, Mexican and Columbian.

2014 is gearing up to be a very busy year!! :)

We receive casting briefs for high level, high paying TV Commercial roles and other lead roles on a daily basis from top New Zealand Casting Directors and production companies. Our skilled Talent Bookers reply to each casting brief with a selection of Talent that match the criteria of each role listed in the casting brief with a focus on booking our Pro Members. If we are struggling to find suitable Talent within our Pro Members division we then start searching through our Basic / Free Members division. The Casting Directors then book a selection of Talent for an audition and our Talent are offered an opportunity to prove themselves
 by acting out a scene to camera at the Casting Agency. The Casting Directors then short-list the best Talent based on look and best performance and present their selection of Talent to their client which is often either a production company Director, Producer or Advertising Agency / Brand Owner. Between this group of people they select each Character and the Talent are then booked and confirmed for each role.

What ever you've seen on TV, your favorite show - if it's being filmed in New Zealand then chances are we've provided Talent for that production or we've at least submitted a selection of Talent for that production.

We have provided Talent to productions including the following plus more:

  • The Hobbit
  • Spartacus
  • Shortland St - On Going
  • Nothing Trivial
  • Go Girls
  • Underbelly - Land of the Long Green Cloud
  • Seige
  • Almighty Johnson's
  • Sione‚Äôs Wedding 
  • Sione's 2
  • The Golden Hour
  • The Dark Horse
  • The Emperor
  • Power Rangers
  • Mr Pip
  • What Really Happened - Womens Vote
  • What Really Happened - Waitangi Day
  • Billy
  • Auckland Daze
  • The Blue Rose
  • Step Dave
  • TVNZ
  • Many Web Commercials
  • Many TV Commercials
  • Many Corporate Videos
  • Many Music Videos 

We have helped with many Brand activations including the following plus more:

  • Streets Icecream
  • Air New Zealand
  • Snickers
  • Le Tan
  • Tui
  • NZ Hearald
  • Njoy Juice
  • 3 Stones Wine
  • Woodstock
  • Brancott
  • BW Camp Grounds Gisborne
  • YONO Hats