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Posted: April 30, 2015 at 8:11 am

IRD Smart Accounting Services

75% Accounting Fee Discount for Castme Members

✘ Have you filed your IR3?
✘ Did you know it’s compulsory to file an IR3 tax return if you are a withholding tax payer?
✘ Did you know that if you are a Castme Member that you are by default a withholding tax payer and are required to file an IR3?

✔Did you know that it is likely that you have a tax refund due to be paid to you?
✔Did you know that Castme has arranged a deal with IRD Smart Accountants that allows all Castme Members to receive a 75% discount on IR3 tax filing?
✔ Click through to get your IR3 returns sorted by an IRD Smart tax professional. |